What are the benefits of fiber?

Diet high in fiber help to prevent diabetes, colon cancer, hemorrhoids, diverticulitis, high cholesterol, and heart disease. It can also help us to lose weight in two ways.


it is calorie free. When you eat it you are not really adding extra calories. You are eating something that just passes through and cleanses your system.


foods high in fiber make you feel fuller, and consequently you end up eating less in the long run. Think of it as getting "more bang for your buck." When you eat fiber you get more satisfaction for the amount of food you eat.

A note about cereal 

Many cereals advertise about fiber. However not all cereals are equal. I have a doctor's long time ago who used to tell me, "The more it tastes like ground-up tree bark, the better it is for you."

While this is a radical and even disappointing statement, it is true. But maybe you don't want to go that far out on a limb and he sets flavorless food.

My own rule of thumb is to find cereals with at least 4 g of fiber per serving. Oatmeal, bran cereals, and frosted shredded wheat fit that bill.

Yet it is an important component for weight loss and health. So get out that cereal bowl and spoon, and chomp down your favorite high-fiber cereal and lose body fat.

Don't forget to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. To three servings of you should be consumed every day. Now you have a great excuse to enjoy your carbs- it is a great weight-loss strategy.

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