Ways to Cut Back on High Sugar Foods

It's really important to cut back on your intake of sugar. Whether it's for your heart, blood sugar or weight, reducing your intake of sweets can be very beneficial.

Excess sugar and carbohydrates are the primary reason so many people are unable to lose weight, as it wreaks havoc on your metabolism causing sharp spikes in blood sugar.

This results in excess residual blood sugar which is eventually converted to triglycerides for storage as fat.

If you break the sugar your body will begin to function properly by releasing excess fat, with weight loss as a natural result.

Here are 4 Ways to Cut Back on High Sugar Foods

1.  Given that we need 6 - 8 glasses of liquid each day, drinks have become a major source of added sugar.

Instead of drinking sodas, juices and other bottles beverages, opt for water, homemade ice tea, milk, freshly brewed tea or brewed coffee.

Basically any beverage which is sugar free or low in sweeteners.

2.  Remember that you don't have to give up sugar altogether. For example, most of us like sugar in our tea.

On average, we use 1 to 2 teaspoons, which is acceptable compared to the 13 teaspoons that can be found in a soda!

You can also try using honey instead.

3.  Other high sugar foods include: candy bars, ice cream, certain yogurts, and even cereals! The best thing you can do in order to avoid these sugars is to check the nutrition facts label.

Just one serving of certain cereal can have over 4 teaspoons of sugar and a cup of ice cream can have over 10 teaspoons.

So always make sure that you check the nutrition facts.

4.  Last but not least you have to get learn ways to read the sugar content.

If something states that it has 20g of sugar, you need to know how many spoons that is so that you can better decide whether you should eat that item or not.

These are just some of the ways that you can cut back on sugar. To lose weight you can also try all natural diet pills, such as the appetite suppressing hoodia.

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